Sports Centre & Ice Rink

Sports Centre


A new Rutland Park Community Association Skate Shack redevelopment and extension. On this page we will aim to keep you informed of developments, provide blue print plans, showcase the development and start to provide opportunities of the facilities and amenities that will become available for community benefit and bookings.

You may have seen or heard at a past Community Meeting or AGM plans for our new skate shack extension and development. If not, take a peak on site as things are starting.

Photos: (September~January 2021)

Ice Rink

The Community rink is maintained by roughly 14 or so by volunteers who come late in the evenings to flood the rink. Sometimes they are there well past midnight. 

For most of them its a labor of love. They have children and grandchildren who like to use the rink. We all do our best to provide for a great community facilitiy that promotes health and wellness, fitness and exercise.  It is a community rink, free of charge, for anyone that wishes to use. 

We ask that users simply respect other users and all signage at the time of your skate to promote access for all.  

Photos: (January 2021)

The Community Association has tried, via the Family skates on Saturday and Sunday, to try and allocate what could be considered a prime time, strictly for the use of families.  The ice is flooded every day. We cannot flood during the day because flooding during the day will melt the ice. Flooding happens every night (weather permitted) at 9:30pm and take 3 hours.

Want to hire our Sports Centre or Ice Rink?

Please see our hall bookings calendar. Check availability, and then please complete this booking request form here . Our hall coordinator will be in contact shortly.

We are in the process of setting booking fees, rates and deposts. More information will be provided shortly.

Please ensure that you complete our 'Release and waiver of liability' for ice rink bookings, and send your completed form to our hall coordinator .