Membership Rates


1 year $15

Single / Senior

 1 Year $5


3 year $36

Single / Senior 

3 Year $12

Memberships cover a period from October 1 to September 30 of the following year

Our membership rates work out to be as little as  $1.25/month, and that is less than a cup of coffee these days. Buying a membership does not mean that you have to be an active participant, but it certainly indicates to the various levels of government that you support the projects and advocacy taken on by the RPCA Board on behalf of the communities which form our community association.

Please consider becoming a member. You can sign up using the form below, or you can contact us to register (and/or make payment if you are not paying online with PayPal or your credit card).

How your membership helps out the whole community. Here are a few examples of what we are able to organize:

Interested in community membership? Please ensure that you complete this membership application form, prior to submitting your payment through PayPal below.  When completing this form and PayPal, it is important that you reference the same 'your name', so we can connect information.

Membership payment

You can pay for your Rutland Park Community Association membership with ease using your PayPal account. Options for Visa or mastercard are also available.

Please note by way of making an application to Rutland Park Community Association for membership purposes, your personal details provided here will be securely stored on our Association account only. They will never be shared or sold with any other third party Organization.