Rutland Park Community Association

Photo: WestviewParc, Sarcee Road (June 2020)

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to current COVID-19, our hall facility has had to close as mandated by the Alberta provincial government. For more information about social and physical distance restrictions please visit this Alberta Provincial Government website**.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to engage and empower community residents, advocate on their behalf, foster community spirit, and practice meaningful stewardship while honoring our heritage.

Our Vision Statement…

Rutland Park is a diverse, vibrant, inclusive, safe, family-friendly community with a desirable quality of life for people of all ages.

We will endeavour to deliver on our Mission through various activities.

What your Board Commits to Do…

1) …Engaging and including residents of our community
2) …Addressing community concerns in a transparent fashion
3) …Conducting board business in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner
4) …Making decisions based on the needs of the community as a whole
5) …Communicating board decisions with one voice
6) …Following through on the commitments and action plans we undertake

We will uphold and deliver on our Values through various activities.

Our Values…

1)…Honouring our heritage
2)…Connecting neighbours and neighbourhoods
3)…Knowing neighbours, cultural hub, social activities
4)…Everyone is given a voice
5)…Slow inner city living
6)…Pride in our community
9)…Safe Community
10)…Open, transparent and timely communication through diverse mediums
11)…Stewardship of community spaces
13)…Informed decision making

Calgary Police – Please read and be aware

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