Rutland Park Community Association


Notice of Special General Meeting of RPCA Members

Date— April 11, 2019

Time— 7 PM

Place— Rutland Park Community Centre – 3130 40th Ave SW

We are very excited to announce that our Skateshack Renovations are going ahead!  In order to move forward with the construction, we need to put forward 2 motions to be ratified by our membership:

  1. Move that up to $475,000 be allotted for spending on the Skateshack renovation project to be paid from various funding sources including a CCG grant, and our AGLC funds.
  2. Move that our bylaws be amended in order that the general spending limit of the RPCA Board be raised from $5000 per expenditure to $10000 per expenditure.

Please join us at this Special General Meeting to learn about the Skateshack renovation, vote on our 2 motions, and enjoy some snacks and refreshments.  See you there!

RPCA Board of Directors

Our Mission…

Our mission is to engage community residents, advocate on their behalf, foster community spirit, and practice meaningful stewardship while honouring our past.

Our Vision Statement…

Rutland Park is a diverse, vibrant, inclusive community with a safe, family-friendly environment and desirable quality of life for people of all ages. .

We will endeavour to deliver on our Mission through various activities.

What your Board Commits to Do…

1) …Engaging and including residents of our community
2) …Addressing community concerns in a transparent fashion
3) …Conducting board business in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner
4) …Making decisions based on the needs of the community as a whole
5) …Communicating board decisions with one voice
6) …Following through on the commitments and action plans we undertake

We will uphold and deliver on our Values through various activities.

Our Values…

1)…honouring our heritage
2)…connectedness: bringing people together
3)…knowing neighbours, cultural hub, social activities
4)…everybody is given a voice
5)…slow inner city living
6)…take pride in our community through volunteerism and participation
7)…safe community where people can have fun
8)…Pleasant surroundings / maintaining green space and excellent community facilities
9)…pedestrian friendly: easy walking, cars secondary to people
10)…self contained: close to amenities, community garden, sustainable
11)…accessible, age friendly
12)…desirable quality of life: all season activities
13)…promote accessible recreational activities

Calgary Police Scam Alert – Please read and be aware

Nearly every day, the Calgary Police Service receives reports of scammers posing as agents of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Immigration Canada (IC). Unfortunately, scammers have obtained thousands of dollars from several unsuspecting victims. So how does the scam work and how can you protect yourself?

Please read the attached document for more information.
16-01-29 CRA Scam Newsletter Story