Our Board

Welcome to our key contact page. Please feel free to reach out and connect with your community representatives. Regardless of your enquiry, we are here to help.

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Position Contact Name Contact Email Contact Number
President Pete Forte president  
Secretary Grace Kim secretary  
Communications & Website Simon Davies communications  
Newsletter & Editor vacant newsletter  
Membership vacant membership  
Development & Traffic Leanne Ellis development  
Treasurer Don Witmer treasurer  
Ice Rink Greg Winnicki rink 403 246 1746
Infrastructure Craig Marceau Infrastructure  
Recreation Coordinator Gordon Leach recreation  
Lincoln Park Liaison Don Witmer Lincoln Park Liaison  
West View Parc Liaison vacant Westview Parc Liaison  
Currie Barracks Liaison vacant Currie Barracks Liaison  
Sarcee Meadows Liaison Jeremy Sarcee Meadows  
Special Projects Gayle Fields Gayle Fields  
Director at Large Guylaine Cormier Social Events  
Director at Large Steve Dubois    


Position Contact Name Contact Email Contact Number
Hall Rental & Facility Coordinator

Patti Mcmillian

Hall Answering Service

Hall Rentals



Gardens   Gardens  
Calgary Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator Kelly Swart-Davis Kelly Swart-Davis TBD
Calgary Police Service Community Liaison Officer – District 2 Constable R Wall R Wall  
Calgary Police Service non emergency     403 266 1234
Emergency RPCA Hall Contact
Please note these contacts are for emergencies only that cannot wait for the next working business day or hours. All enquiries during the day should be made to the appropriate contact above. Please be respectful of our volunteers time.
First contact – Craig
Second contact – Nathanial (8:15am to 9:30am or after 6:00pm only
  403 217 0096